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We are the Republican Alumni Association from UCLA, a group focused on bringing together alumni who are interested in conservative causes.

We think it is important to mention why our organization is relevant, and why we hope you find it worth joining. The first impetus for our existence is that there is currently little organization and visibility for conservative or Republican-affiliated alumni. This lack of visibility within UCLA gives the false impression that conservative alumni either don't exist or aren't making an impact in the world at large. We aim to counteract this, and give a platform for conservative alumni to unite and speak out. The second is the lack of support for students with conservative views at UCLA. On top of the general political persuasion of academics, UCLA is located in a particularly liberal area, and students, especially conservative students, may have little to no contact with people that share their views and political priorities. We aim to change that.

The primary purpose of the Republican Alumni Association from UCLA is to connect alumni with each other. This association will be utilized to provide a network connecting all fellow conservative Bruins. All conservative UCLA alumni are welcome. The secondary is we want to connect alumni with conservative student organizations at UCLA. The association would like to provide a direct student to alumni pipeline among the conservative community. We hope these connections will not only spur on the conservative cause, but also allow alumni and students to network and create connections spanning the professional spectrum. Helping students find internships, mentorships and job opportunities as well as to provide UCLA alumni with resources and access to some of the events conservative student organizations on campus host.





Our Partners:

-Bruin Republicans-


Our Goals


Create a UCLA Republican Alumni Directory


Fundraise and support conservative initiatives and events


Establish a scholarship for conservative, politically and civically involved UCLA students


Share information regarding alumni accomplishments, especially in the political realm


To be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle . . . of public affections.
— Edmund Burke


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